Online Health Insurance Marketplace to Offer 28 Plans

May 17, 2013

Rhode Island’s online marketplace for health insurance is taking shape in preparation for October 1st. That's the date the exchange is scheduled to be up and running with a variety of new health plans to choose from.

The health benefits exchange is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. It’s where individual Rhode Islanders who don’t have health insurance and employees of some small businesses can go to pick a health plan and find out if they qualify for government assistance to pay for it. Creators of Rhode Island’s exchange announced that there will be 28 different plans to choose from in October. Sixteen of those will be geared towards small businesses, and 12 will be available to the individual market. Insurers are still waiting for approval from the state health insurance commissioner on how much they can charge for each plan. Those details are expected by July 1st.