Only retail stores could sell med. marijuana under new bill

Providence, R.I. – Last night, the House Judiciary Committee reviewed a bill that would phase out medical marijuana patient's right to grow their own medicine.
The legislation would make medical marijuana stores the only source of cannabis by 2012. Co-author of the bill, Representative John Carnevale, says the law would keep marijuana out of the wrong hands and leave the growing to professionals, not patients.
"They seem to think they can grow the marijuana, smoke whatever they grow, and that helps their medical problem," Carnevale says. "That's not totally true."
But Linda Gillmette from South Kingstown says she's already learned which plants best ease the pain of her multiple sclerosis.
"I know enough about the strains of marijuana the kinds that I grow that I know what time of the day, what particular plant will give me the comfort that I need," Gillmette says.
Gillmette says she couldn't afford to buy marijuana at a store. She says if this bill passes, she'd have to go back to using pain killers, like oxycotin, that aren't as effective.
Representative Carnevale says he's sure the yet to be established stores would provide discounts to low income people.