Open Door Thursday

Providence – Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri said he picked up several useful ideas from his first round of meetings with citizens. Carcieri hosted his first open door Thursday. He plans to meet with citizens on the final Thursday of each month.

"It worked very well I'm very happy. I want people to feel as though they can come in with whatever is on their mind. Some are very personal situations. There were two or three pretty good ideas," said Carcieri.

More than a dozen people met with the governor. The said they appreciated the opportunity.

"He was just very congenial and listened to everything I had to say. I left some paperwork with him. I know he's going to follow up on it," said Beverly Bigelow of Warwick. She operates a limousine business and wanted to discuss problems with state regulations.

Other topics discussed included development of Quonset Point and services for the blind.

To set up such a meeting, constituents need to call ahead of time to make appointments, and go through a criminal background check before they're allowed into Governor Carcieri's office. It might take a while to get an appointment, the governor says open door Thursdays are booked through August.