Opponents line-up to challenge Cicilline

PROVIDENCE, RI – David Cicilline's Republican congressional opponent from last year, John Loughlin, plans to take another run against the Democrat.

Loughlin, a lieutenant colonel in the Army, is getting ready to leave this month for a military deployment to Iraq before his scheduled return in December.

The former GOP state rep from Tiverton says that will leave more than adequate time to challenge Cicilline.

"Obviously," says Tiverton, "the most important thing right now is that the First Congressional District have a congressman who is truthful above all else with the voters, and I think the record demonstrates that Congressman Cicilline has been less than truthful with the voters."

Cicilline has said he's been honest in discussing Providence's financial problems.

In related news, former state police superintendent Brendan Doherty is poised on Thursday to announce a run against Cicilline. Doherty is thought likely to run as a Republican.

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