Organization says its exempt from campaign finance laws

Providence, R.I. – The National Organization for Marriage has filed a lawsuit asking to be exempt from state campaign finance laws.

The National Organization for Marriage, NOM, opposes same-sex unions. It wants to take out ads on behalf of Rhode Island candidates who agree. But it does not want to be considered a political action committee. That would require reporting expenditures and complying with spending limits.

NOM attorney James Bopp has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the state Board of Elections asking a judge to declare Rhode Island's election laws overly broad and unconstitutional.

"It's overly broad because Rhode Island has no legitimate interest in requiring an organization that only spends a small fraction of its money in Rhode Island to report all of its expenditures and contributors throughout the United States," says Bopp.

Bopp declined to say which candidates his group wishes to advertise for or against or how much money it would like to spend.

Rhode Island is one of only two New England states that do not allow same sex-marriage.