Ousted RIPTA CEO to get $130K and health insurance

Jan 30, 2013

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority  has severed ties with its CEO.  Charles Odimgbe  has agreed to leave the transit agency after months of being on paid administrative leave.

RIPTA bus at Kennedy Plaza
Credit RIPR file

According to a separation agreement between Charles Odimgbe and  RIPTA, Odimgbe’s  last day with the agency was December 27th.  He will receive a severance payment of $130,000 plus compensation for any unused sick or vacation time.

Odimgbe was placed on paid administrative leave in August after a video camera was found covered up in a room where cash is handled.

The separation agreement states that neither party is guilty of wrongdoing.

He was never implicated in any wrongdoing but RIPTA board chair Scott Avedesian says it became increasingly clear it was time for new leadership.
"We started having discussions about where we all thought we needed to go and as those discussions kept going it just seemed like now was the time to say ‘all right. Let’s separate.’ We all have things that we want to do and it’s time to go do them."

But it also gives RIPTA the discretion to hold Odimgbe responsible for any criminal wrongdoing committed by him.   A state police report on the covered up camera is expected within a month.

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