Overwhelming majority of parents support after-school activities

PROVIDENCE, RI – A new study shows the vast majority of parents in the Ocean State believe it takes more than just school to prepare children for life and careers. The survey by the Rhode Island Afterschool Alliance found that two-thirds of parents think their schools are doing a good job, but more than 90 percent said regular participation in programs outside of school is also necessary. Adam Greenman heads the Rhode Island Afterschool Alliance.

"There's a recognition among parents that there just aren't enough hours in the school day to really accomplish all the things that kids need," he says. "The additional learning, the arts, the sports, the other activities that after-school programs do so well."

The Afterschool Alliance surveyed 500 parents across the state. A third of the respondents said difficulty arranging after-school activities for their children resulted in increased absenteeism from work.

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