Owner Charged Under New RI Law For Leaving Dog In Car

Jul 10, 2014

The black poodle left in a car in Johnston is in good condition and recovering at the Rhode Island SPCA.

The dog’s owner is the first to be charged under a new law making it a misdemeanor to leave animals inside vehicles on extremely hot or cold days.  Owners caught leaving a pet in the car face up to a year in prison, $1,000 fine, or both.

Johnston police tell WJAR that for more than an hour the dog was left inside the car where the temperature reached 124 degrees. Dr. EJ Finocchio of the Rhode Island SPCA said on a hot day, it takes less than a half-hour for the inside of a car to reach 135 degrees.

“The most perfect, healthy dog probably would not be able to survive in a car where the temperature’s 135 – 140 degrees for probably over 7 to 8 minutes,” said Finocchio.

Finocchio said the best way to cool down a pet is to put it on the floor of the passenger’s seat and blast the air conditioning

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