Owners want to open pub next to their funeral home

Providence, R.I. – The owners of a funeral home in the Wayland Square neighborhood of Providence want to build an Irish pub next door.

Mark Russell co-owns the Monahan Drabble Sherman Funeral Home with his brother Robert. They have some extra property, he says, they wanted to put to use.

"There's a nine-car garage that was built by my great-grandfather in the 1930s when funeral homes had lots of vehicles," says Russell. "The number of vehicles dwindled, so all of a sudden I had about 1,800 square feet that I was really not using."

Russell says he and his brother are naming the bar McBride's after a combination pub and funeral home Mark visited while in Ireland.

They are hoping the bar will serve more than funeral home clientele, because there aren't enough of them to keep the business going.