Pare wants Occupy Providence to leave ASAP

PROVIDENCE, RI – It's day seven of the Occupy Providence protests at Burnside Park. The mood is light, even though the clock is ticking on how long authorities will let the encampment stay. Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare wants Occupy Providence to leave as soon as possible.

Down at Burnside Park, elementary school groups were weaving through the tents, looking at the protesters, and the usual flock of pigeons that feed near the park's Bajnotti Fountain. But the cheery day comes as Commissioner Pare says the group should depart as soon as possible. Pare says the park needs to be cleaned and that the protesters are, "causing damage to the sod."

Protester Amanda Magee says she understands the commissioner's concerns. And adds the group is already working to take care of the park.

"I know there are plenty of us that are willing to re-sod, and make sure that everything is well kept, obviously," she says. "We clean it everyday, you don't see any trash. We've even raking now because the leaves are getting a little abundant. We're taking care of everything. So obviously one of the concerns is to make sure this is clean for, not just us, but for anyone that walks through it."

Magee says the group has had a positive relationship with the city so far. And that both sides have had open communication and understand each side's concerns.

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