Patron finds video camera in Providence coffee shop bathroom

PROVIDENCE, RI – An employee of a Providence coffee shop said she's shocked that another employee was apparently videotaping people who used the bathroom. A customer discovered the camera hidden under a sink Friday night.

Tony Roberts, an employee of the Coffee Exchange on Wickenden Street in the east side of Providence, has been charged with two counts of video voyeurism and is suspended without pay from his job.

Susan Wood runs the Coffee Exchange and said police converged on the shop Friday night after a customer discovered a video camera hidden under the sink of a unisex bathroom.

"We're horrified and we are taking every measure we possibly can to make certain that nothing like this ever happens again," said Wood. "And we hope in no way this changes how people feel about their experience at Coffee Exchange."

According to a police report, there's video of both male and female patrons exposed while using the restroom.

Wood said Roberts worked at the shop for about three years. She characterized him as a good employee.

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