Pawtucket Mayor Unveils Budget With No Tax Increase

Apr 25, 2014

Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien has proposed a budget that excludes any tax hike for residents or businesses. The proposed 112-million dollar budget includes buying a rescue vehicle to cut overtime costs, giving schools 600-thousand extra dollars, and setting aside money in the rainy day fund. Grebien said the arrival of new businesses, cuts in city staff, and grant revenue helped craft the budget.

“So that additional increase in revenue, and our decrease in positions, you know those types of things on spending, those all combined put us into a position where we are able to do a zero percent tax increase," said Grebien

Grebien said the city has also made its required pension contributions. Public hearings on the proposed Pawtucket budget are schedule for May 5th  & 6th.

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