Pawtucket Police Do Not Believe Missing Woman Was Abducted

Oct 16, 2013

There's still no sign of that pregnant Pawtucket woman who vanished a week ago. But police say there’s no evidence to support the theory that the woman has been abducted.

21 year old Pawtucket woman Luisa Pena, who has been missing since October 9th.
Credit Susan Vollucci

Twenty-one-year-old Luisa Pena vanished last Wednesday from her aunt’s home in Pawtucket.  The day before she disappeared she had reported a sexual assault to police. Her family fears her assailants came back to silence her. But Pawtucket Police spokesman Arthur Martins said there’s no evidence to support a kidnapping theory.

"I can’t rule it out but I can’t investigate that as an abduction because we don’t have any evidence to support that. We deal in facts and that dictates the direction we go in. But we look at everything," said Martins.

Luisa Pena is 5’7” and weighs about 170 pounds. She’s three months pregnant. Police don’t know what she was wearing when she disappeared. Anyone with information as to her whereabouts is urged to contact Pawtucket police or their local police department.

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