Pay raise for RI minimum wage workers

Jan 1, 2013

Minimum wage workers in Rhode Island are getting a pay raise Tuesday. The state’s minimum wage is going up for the first time in five years.

Legislation raising the minimum wage in Rhode Island goes back to 1956, when it was $0.90 an hour. State labor numbers find about 10,000 Rhode Islanders earn the minimum wage, and will get a bump in their next pay check. Sydonia  Lary works two hourly wage jobs in Providence. She’s pleased the state’s minimum wage is going up.
“In this economy everything is so expensive now days and trying to pay rent and get groceries and whatever your mode of transportation may be, making $7.40 and hour doesn’t cut it,” says Lary.
Rhode Island’s minimum wage jumps to $7.75 an hour. That’s a quarter less than the minimum wage in Massachusetts and $0.50  less than Connecticut.

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