PC Professor Offers Thoughts on Next Pope

Feb 25, 2013

A Providence College theology professor is tamping down speculation that Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley could be the next pope.

Before heading for Rome, Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley addressed speculation that he could be the next leader of the world’s Roman Catholics. "In these days there will be endless speculation about candidates and outcomes. I assure you no cardinal goes into the conclave with the ambition of being chosen."
O’Malley needn’t worry about being chosen, says Providence College theology professor and Vatican expert Jim Keating.  He says O’Malley’s lack of experience in the Curia, the papal administration, hurts him. "The other issue is his connection to the sex abuse crisis. Although it’s positive it’s still a connection. And there’s a third (issue) which is that he’s a mild-mannered fellow. He’s felt the weight of his office and we just went through that with Benedict so I would be really surprised."

Keating says New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan also has practically no chance of being pope because he’s “too American.”

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