PC Renews Contract for President Brian Shanley

Jun 9, 2014

Providence College has offered a new five-year contract to President Brian Shanley, who has led the private Catholic college for the last decade.

Shanley, a member of the Dominican order, has presided over the construction of a new building to house PC's humanities program, a two-year requirement for all students, and the accreditation of a new business school. He is also credited with shepherding a reorganization of the Big East Athletic Conference.

"The hallmark of his leadership has been stability, prominence and progress despite an unsettled and challenging climate for private higher education in America," said the Very Rev. Brian M. Mulcahy, O.P., chair of the Providence College Corporation, in a written statement announcing Shanley's reappointment. "We are pleased that he will continue to be at the helm."

Shanley says he is pleased to continue leading the only Dominican college in the United States.

"There is always room for growth and improvement, but I believe Providence College is making clear, strong and aggressive strides in the right direction," Shanley said.

Providence College has faced controversy in recent months involving allegations of sexual assault against members of the school's basketball team.

The accused students were suspended from play following the allegations, and one student, Brandon Austin, later left the school.

This year, Austin was named in another rape investigation at the University of Oregon, where his accuser has criticized Oregon officials for recruiting Austin. Basketball coaches at Oregon have said Providence College did not inform them of the alleged sexual assault.

Austin and two other players have been dismissed from the University of Oregon basketball team, although investigators found there was not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Brandon Austin's accuser had criticized PC for failing to mention the sexual assault allegations that led to his suspension from the basketball team. In fact, she criticized Oregon University for recruiting a player involved in an investigation.

"I cannot fathom how our basketball coach recruited someone who was in the middle of a suspension for another sexual assault to come to Eugene," she wrote in a statement to the college newspaper.

Oregon University Basketball Coach Dana Altman has been quoted as saying he spoke with PC Officials and they led him to believe the suspension was not related to anything criminal.

"We felt like this was something that was not of a serious nature and we'd be able to move on from there," Altman told GoDucks.com.