Pell, Raimondo, Taveras Sign On To A “People’s Pledge”

Apr 28, 2014

A so-called “people’s pledge” has been hammered out and agreed to by the three leading democratic candidates running for governor. The goal is to limit outside spending.

To limit that outside spending, Clay Pell, Gina Raimondo, and Angel Taveras have agreed to a pledge calling for any candidate who benefits from an ad bought by an outside group to make a charitable donation for the same amount of the ad buy.

The political watchdog group Common Caused brokered the pledge. Its director John Marion said the pledge shows that the candidates are serious about money in politics. “The Supreme Court hasn’t left a lot of avenues to regulate the role of money in politics, so it’s up to the candidates to do it themselves,’ said Marion.

Marion said direct mail, door knocking, and phone banks are not included.

Marion has invited the republican candidates running for governor to make a people’s pledge, but they have not responded.

The “people’s pledge” made headlines in the Massachusetts senate race between Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren.

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