The Pench What's Next: Raimondo responds to municipal criticisms


State Treasurer Gina Raimondo is responding to criticism from mayors about her and Governor Lincoln Chafee's approach to locally managed pensions.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and some of his colleagues say state leaders' approach to the local pensions doesn't provide enough tools for cities and town. Raimondo says it would take more time to develop the response desired by the local officials. But she says there's nothing stopping Taveras from trying to make pension cuts in his own city.

"He could pass an ordinance right now to fix that problem," Raimondo says, "and that ordinance would face the identity legal challenges to a state statute."

Governor Lincoln Chafee insisted on addressing the locally managed pensions through the overhaul plan unveiled earlier this week. The first joint Finance Committee meeting on the legislation is Monday.

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