Peregrine Falcon Pair Returns to their Pawtucket Home

Jun 14, 2013

Two young falcons will be released back into the wild in Pawtucket this Saturday.  The two got away from their nest which sits atop Pawtucket City Hall. 

The two juvenile peregrine falcons, returning home to Pawtucket Saturday.
Credit Peter Green / Providence Raptors

The Department of Environmental Management picked up two juvenile peregrine falcons that were found on the ground in Pawtucket last week.

The birds, one male and one female, are siblings, and about seven to eight weeks old.

Wildlife experts say juvenile falcons can often get away from their nests when learning to fly.

The falcons were given physical exams by a veterinarian, and then sent to a wildlife rehabilitation center in Bradford.

The D.E.M. will release the falcons back to their nesting area, atop Pawtucket City Hall, so they can continue to be raised by their parents away from the general public.

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