Peregrine Juvenile Falcons Recover From Hunting Crashes

Jul 2, 2014

Over the weekend, two of the falcons born atop the Superman building in May crashed into a building downtown while they were swooping, or practicing hunting. 

The Born to Be Wild Nature Center is rehabilitating the falcon that survived the crash.

These male peregrine chicks were born atop the Superman Building in the spring. One of young falcons died over the weekend while swooping, or practicing hunting. A second is recovering at a rehabilitation center.
Credit Courtesy of Peter Green via Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Jeff Hall from the Audubon Society of Rhode Island is hopeful the injured juvenile falcon will make a full recovery. 

“This is the same thing that happened to two of the Pawtucket falcons,” said Hall. “They flew into a building and luckily both of those were released last weekend as well. Sort of a good story, bad story on the same weekend.”

Hall said juvenile falcons swoop to practice hunting on their own.

"Peregrine falcons hunt by dive bombing their prey, knocking it unconscious with their balled talons (feet) and then catch the falling prey out of the air before it hits the ground," said Hall.

The rehabilitation center will release the young falcon back where it was found in Providence once he has fully recovered.