Pertussis vaccine clinic in Barrington

PROVIDENCE, RI – Barrington residents can get vaccinated for pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, at clinics tomorrow and Friday. The free vaccines are an attempt to control a recent outbreak.

The Department of Health says although 90% of Barrington children have been vaccinated for pertussis, the power of the original shot weakens over time. That's why health officials want to vaccinate children who are 10 years old or older and haven't received booster shots.

Pertussis causes violent and uncontrollable coughing and is especially dangerous for infants and people with weak immune systems. Pregnant women, adults who work with infants and anyone with chronic respiratory problems should also get the booster shot.

The clinics are at Barrington High School cafeteria and run from 4pm to 7pm.

Earlier this year, the Department of health confirmed at least eight cases of pertussis in Barrington schools.

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