Pick for Central Falls principal misstated record on resume

Central Falls, R.I. – One of two new principals chosen to lead Central Falls High School through a series of state-ordered reforms overstated some accomplishments on his resume.

Sonn Sam, a principal since 2006 at the Met School in Providence, said he raised math scores on standardized state tests by 79 percent.

In fact, math scores at the Met have been flat since 2007, and just 4 percent of students reached proficiency last year.

Sam later said he was referring to the 2005-2006 school year, when he was assistant principal. During that year, math and English scores went up, but not by as much as Sam claimed.

In addition, the resume stated that the Met had 18 percent more students proficient in math and 14 percent more proficient in English than the three largest high schools in Providence.

Sam now says he has no evidence to support that claim and will remove it from his resume.

The school board is expected to vote tomorrow on Sam's appointment.

Reading and writing proficiency rates at the Met have both risen significantly since 2007, but these increases are not noted on Sam's resume. Central Falls school officials say they are standing by the selection, which they say was made more on the basis of interviews than the test scores reported in the resume.