Plans for Safety Upgrade at North Providence Schools

Mar 11, 2013

The town of North Providence is planning a major upgrade to school security. It’s the result of the schoolroom massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

North Providence High School
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North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi, the father of five, was deeply shaken by the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  It prompted him to review the security of his town’s own school safety systems. He found doors and locks that needed changing but the improvement he’s proposing goes farther than any school department in the state.

He wants to link all the schools by camera directly to the police station. "My goal for North Providence school security will be, or is I should say, for us to have the safest environment for our students as possible and just make sure that they know we’ve got them covered."
Lombardi estimates the cost of such an undertaking at more than $1 million. He wants to pay for it by using a portion of the $60 million won by the North Providence police department last year as part of a national settlement with the search giant Google.

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