Plastic bags could be banned in the entire state

Feb 13, 2013

The state of Rhode Island may follow in the footsteps of Barrington and enact a ban on plastic grocery bags.

Paper or plastic? It might become a moot point if Representative Maria Cimini of Providence has her way. She’s introducing legislation that would ban plastic carry out bags in the entire state. Cimini says the ban is geared to keeping the bags out of our lakes, rivers and bays.   

“Our waterways are really a treasure to our state. And part of the things that are appealing to our state," she says. "And we should be doing all that we can to protect those and make sure that are available to future generations.”

Cimini adds the ban does not include bags for dry cleaning or bags that you put your fruit in. It would follow a similar ban that started this year in Barrington.

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