'Playful Providence' Encourages Kids to Get Outside and Play

May 10, 2013

Providence kicks off a 5-month celebration of children’s play Saturday with a pop up play day at India Point Park. The Providence Children’s Museum will be on hand with all kinds of different material, so kids can build forts, play games and get creative. Museum Director Janice O’Donnell says this type of free playtime is important for cognitive and social development.

"We know that children need to play, and we know that children’s time and space for free, self-directed kid-powered play has been declining, and it is certainly a goal of the children’s museum to bring back play."

O'Donnell says, "Maybe you’re playing with other kids and you have a disagreement about how the game should go and have the opportunity to work out that dispute. Play is just so important for physical, social and emotional and cognitive development."

The afternoon event at India Point Park will also include music, instrument making and wood-working. It’s part of Playful Providence, a series of summer events for families in city parks.