Pleau seeking to serve time in state custody

Jan 8, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The attorneys for accused killer Jason Pleau are seeking to have him serve out his state sentence before any federal proceedings take place. Pleau is currently under federal custody, but he wants to go back into state custody.

Pleau is serving an 18-year sentence for violating probation in another case. But he’s accused of gunning down a Woonsocket gas station manger two years ago. It’s that case that puts him at the center of a legal tug-of-war. Gov. Lincoln Chafee refused to turn Pleau over to federal prosecutors because of the potential for the death penalty. But a Circuit Court of Appeals ordered him to be placed in federal custody.

One of his attorneys, Jeff Fisher, says Pleau’s petitioning to stay in state custody, “because this is basically a state crime to face proper state charges and state punishment if he’s convicted.”

The Supreme Court is considering Rhode Island’s case, which centers on an agreement between states and the federal government when it comes to transporting detainees. Fisher says they might know Friday if the justices decide to take the case.

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