Pleau's legal team disappointed by Supreme Court decision

Jan 14, 2013

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The US Supreme Court has decided not to hear the custody case of accused killer Jason Pleau.  Pleau had been fighting a transfer from  Rhode Island’s prison system to federal custody to stand trial for murder.
Stanford law professor Jeffrey Fisher worked with Pleau’s legal team.  Fisher is disappointed with the Supreme Court decision.

“But unfortunately what the court seems to have done is really what it more customarily does which is at least wait ‘til a case has run its full course before it considers taking it," says Fisher. " The important thing is that Mr. Pleau still has a right to go to trial if he’s convicted and if the federal government obtains the death sentence then he can appeal again with this exact same claim along with anything else that arises at the trial.  So this is really just the very beginning.”

Fisher knew it was a long-shot that the Supreme Court would hear the case. “Well you never expect the Supreme Court to take a case.  They take  only 1 out of 100 cases.  So obviously this case has a real high level of importance so we thought the court would give it a close look.  Which we know it did because it took the rare step of holding the case an extra week to study it before it issued its decision.”

Pleau is facing federal charges of murdering a gas station manager back in 2010.  He had been serving time in Rhode Island’s prison system for violating parole in a separate case and wanted to finish out that 18-year sentence before surrendering to federal authorities.

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