Police Acted Within Legal Bounds During November Shootout, Grand Jury Finds

Feb 2, 2018

A Grand Jury found no police officers broke the law during a fatal shootout last November. Providence and State Police have promised to review their policies after the shooting.

That shootout culminated in the death of one civilian, Joseph Santos, who refused to stop for police. The officers were looking for a suspect in what turned out to be an unrelated incident. After a high speed chase, police fired on the vehicle.

Providence and state police conducted their own investigations. The Attorney General’s office presented evidence to a Grand Jury. That Grand Jury announced its decision not to indict any officers, saying they acted within legal bounds.

Critics have accused police of escalating the incident unnecessarily.  In a statement, Providence Police say they will review their policies on high speed chases and use of force. State Police say they are already reviewing their policies.