Police and special passengers patrolling the roads this holiday weekend

PROVIDENCE, RI – Police from all over Rhode Island will be out in force this coming weekend looking for people who aren't buckled in and who are driving under the influence.

Eight Rhode Island police departments will carry drunken driving family members of victims along with them on patrols this New Year's Day weekend.

Retired Providence Police Major Richard Sullivan said the idea is to show victims and their families how much is being done to prevent crashes like the ones that changed their lives.

"They're doing this in remembrance of victims," said Sullivan. "They're showing that the police officers aren't just arresting machines; that they do feel very strongly about arresting impaired drivers."

Sonia Matuliewicz, whose 28 year-old-daughter, Sara, was killed by a drunken driver nine years ago, urged everyone to think before they get behind the wheel before driving.

"In a split second a life can be destroyed and also a family can be destroyed," said Matuliewicz.

Sara Matuliewicz was killed when a man driving at two-and-a-half time the legal alcohol limit mowed her down while she was jogging in western Massachusetts.

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