Police Arrest Two Suspects in Murder of 12-year-old Providence Girl

Jul 17, 2013

Two suspects have been charged in the murder of a 12-year-old Providence girl. Police say 21-year-old Branden Castro and 20-year-old Ricardo Vasquez have been charged with murder, conspiracy to murder and other felony charges.

Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements announces the arrest of two suspects in the murder of 12-year-old girl.
Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

12-year-old Aynis Vargas was shot and killed at a party last month in the Hartford Avenue housing development. Three women were also injured.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare said the suspects are from South Providence and part of the Harriett Street gang. “It appears that the group that was out that evening wasn’t specifically targeted, or any individuals within that group was targeted, the neighborhood was targeted,” said Pare.

Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements said the men were scooped up Tuesday afternoon. “With these apprehensions there is no victory, however there will be justice,” said Clements. “Anyone who shoots randomly into a group of people is a coward, and now they will feel the full brunt of the criminal justice system as they should.”

Pare said nobody came forward, and there were no direct eye witnesses from the community. He credits hard police work for the arrests.

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