Police have no plans to evict Occupy Providence

PROVIDENCE, RI – Providence police have no plans to evict the roughly 100 members of Occupy Providence camping out in a downtown park.

Participants say they have a good relationship with city police despite the fact that they're occupying Burnside Park without a permit.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare visited the park Monday morning, says Occupy' organizer Amanda Magee.

"He was very nice. The park's clean. They asked us to move our tents b/c of a fire code which we're obviously going to do for them," Magee. "But everything else is good. The cops are nice. We've been talking to them. So it's going really well."

Some of the protestors crossed the street Monday morning to close accounts at Bank of America. They're angry that Bank of America, while accepting a government bailout, is laying off 30,000 workers and imposing fees for debit card use.

"We want to let them know that they can't do what they want with everyone else's money so we went there and a couple of people withdrew their money from them," says Magee. "And we're going to keep doing that while we're here, I guess."

The number of tents varies from 50 to 65. Occupants have been told to move them ten feet from the perimeter and line them up into rows.

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