Police Probe Into Sexual Assault Allegations Against PC Players

Mar 19, 2014

An allegation of sexual assault involving members of the Providence College basketball team is casting a pall over the school’s trip to the NCAA Tournament.

Providence College basketball has made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time in a decade.
Credit Providence College

A female student has reported that she was allegedly assaulted by two freshmen. The Wall Street Journal first reported that Providence police are now investigating.

Providence College spokesman Steven Maurano said the college is supportive whenever a student files a complaint with police. “In this particular case we assisted the student in making contact with the police, we drove the student to the police station, we drove her back to campus after she had met with police, and that is something we would do for any student,” said Maurano.

Providence College made its own investigation in November, which resulted in one student being pulled off the court through the next school year. The other student left PC for a team in Oregon.

The Friars traveled to Texas Wednesday for their first game in the tourney on Friday.

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