Police Shooting On The Highway Leaves One Dead, One Injured

Nov 9, 2017

Law enforcement officials are not releasing details about the man who was shot and killed by police on a stretch of I-95 Thursday morning near the Providence Place mall. A woman was also hurt during the shooting and was brought to the hospital.

State Police and Providence Police say they are still investigating what prompted the use of deadly force. Police officers, staff from the medical examiner, and the attorney general’s office spent several hours on the cordoned off-roadway.

“I don’t know what they believed, and their justification for the use of force,” said Providence Safety Commissioner Steven Pare Thursday afternoon. “That’s all a part of the investigation.”

Pare said police gave chase to a white pickup truck before the incident ended in deadly gunfire on the highway ramp.

“Some of the Providence Police Officers had body cams,” said Pare. “And we’re reviewing that and other video that may be available.”

Bystander footage of the incident posted online shows multiple officers firing at a white pickup truck.

Credit Chuck Hinman / RIPR

Earlier on Thursday, a man later identified as Donald Morgan of Providence stole a State Police cruiser while being transported to court. Pare says Morgan was not the individual shot on the highway.

“One has nothing to do with the other,” said Pare. “So there was the theft of a troop car and there was this chase, by the police officers and then deadly force was used.”

State Police Colonel Ann Assumpico says Morgan, who remains at large, was being transported to court by an officer when he stole the police vehicle.

“He was arrested for obstruction and possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and, again, we are still looking for him at this time,” said Assumpico.

State police have released information and photos of Donald Morgan as they continue their search for him.

Police Block Highway Ramps Near Providence Place Mall, Following Shooting Reports

Providence Police blocking ramps to I-95 near the Providence Place Mall
Credit John Bender /RIPR file photo


Providence Police cars blocked off the entrance to Interstate 95 and the 6-10 connector Thursday morning. Media reports that multiple shots were heard fired in the vicinity of the Providence Place Mall near the city's downtown. 

Numerous law enforcement vehicles, including Providence Police, State Police, and unmarked cars were at the scene. A State Police mobile crime laboratory was seen driving into the area. 

Traffic was backing up into downtown Providence, and into the area of the statehouse, as officers directed traffic.

State police initially declined to say whether the incident was related to the theft of the Police vehicle. Troopers had been investigating the theft of a cruiser, which occurred during a traffic stop on Route 146, at approximately 9 a.m. according to a State Police spokeswoman.

That vehicle was discovered abandoned in Providence by 10 a.m. Thursday.

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