Portions Of Charleston Waterfront Closed To Protect Endangered Piping Plovers

Jun 3, 2015

The Department of Environmental Management has announced the closure of two areas in Charlestown; trails through East Beach and Ninigret Conservation Area. The trails are closed as of Tuesday, to protect Piping Plover nesting areas. 

A Piping Plover
Credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The small shore bird is endangered and makes its home in the Ocean State.

Piping plover
Credit U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Thanks to dramatic change in the coastline as a result of Hurricane Sandy in 2010, the plovers have adapted their nesting habits.  According to the DEM, plover chicks have been feeding along the trails, and cannot yet fly. Officials want to limit human interaction with the wildlife. DEM officials say they hope to reopen the trails by late June.

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