Portrait of Carcieri to be unveiled today

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – An official portrait of Governor Carcieri is due to be unveiled at 5 pm today. It includes some subtle motifs from his time in office.

Carcieri is leaving office next week after the maximum two terms as governor. State law requires departing governors to remain at the State House - in the form of an official portrait. Artist Harley Bartlett of Hope says a small statue, of a knight on a horse, on the governor's desk refers to the scholastic mascot of his native East Greenwich High School.

"But it's also for the governor depicted, as he says, his Don Quixote-like fight with the General Assembly in the eight years he was in office," Bartlett says. "So there are some symbolic elements in the picture outside of the governor himself."

Bartlett was chosen by the governor and his wife, Sue, from among 79 artists who applied in a search conducted by the State Council on the Arts.

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