Portsmouth Desperately Seeking Private Wind Energy Partner

May 15, 2013

Portsmouth could dismantle its turbine and sell parts for scrap if it fails find a private partner to help with repair and operational costs.
Credit Ani Od Chai

In Portsmouth, the town council wants to see if a private firm could help fix and run its broken wind turbine.

The council voted to allow its planner, Gary Crosby, to once again try and find a private partner to repair and run the turbine. Crosby says the town has already talked with two agencies about a partnership, but he says those conversations broke down. The turbine has stood motionless behind Portsmouth High School since a gearbox broke last June. Crosby says replacing the gearbox would cost almost $800,000. He says the town might just dismantle the turbine and sell off the parts for scrap. But he says he hopes Portsmouth will find a partner this time around. He says a private firm would off load some of the risk involved with producing wind.