Portsmouth Stuggles To Deal With Broken Wind Turbine

May 13, 2013

One option could dismantle the Portsmouth Wind Turbine and sell its parts for scrap.
Credit Ani Od Chai

The Portsmouth town Council will get an update tonight on its broken wind turbine. The turbine has stood motionless for almost a year.

Last June, a gearbox box broke in the Portsmouth wind turbine. The blades stopped spinning. And a project that cost the town $3 million turned into the subject of complaints and debate among residents. Town Planner Gary Crosby says the town is still trying to find a way to get the blades spinning again. But he says it’s been tough.

“What we’ve learned is that the process is far more difficult than we first thought,” he said.

Crosby says replacing the gearbox would cost Portsmouth between $700,000 to $800,000. He adds the town might just dismantle the turbine and sell off the parts for scrap. But he hopes the town will find a partner to repair and run the turbine. Crosby says residents have told him the turbine was a waste of money. He wants it working as soon as possible so it can start saving the city money on power bills.