Portsmouth urges residents: Don't feed the coyotes

Feb 14, 2013

The town of Portsmouth has banned feeding wild animals as part of a plan to crack down on coyotes.   The town council voted unanimously Monday night on a rule that bars residents from leaving food outside in any area where a coyote or other wild animal could get to it. 

Portsmouth Town Council vice president John Blaess says coyotes have become a significant problem in the last six to eight months."I know we have a lot of signs up on telephone poles of missing cats around the south end of the island so we’re trying to help educate people [on the] does and don’ts … how to help control the population by not feeding them."

He adds ""We have heard many complaints about the sightings and we decided to do something similar to our neighboring town, Middletown, which also passed an ordinance."

Portsmouth residents caught leaving food outside will first get a warning. Repeat violators could be fined fifty dollars.

Portsmouth and Middletown are the first two Rhode Island municipalities to ban the feeding of wild animals.
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