Possible passage underneath Sakonnet River Bridge

PROVIDENCE, RI – The public is invited to weigh in on a plan to give boaters some passage around construction of the Sakonnet River Bridge. The plan is a compromise between boaters who want access to the river and construction workers worried about boater safety.

The plan calls for a temporary channel on the west side of the river for boaters to navigate around bridge construction. The channel would be open for an hour, twice a day, based on the tides.

The Coast Guard's Edward Le Blanc says it's a small window because of strong currents.

"While the currents are not particularly dangerous in the main channel, setting up this auxiliary channel where you have to make a couple of turns and go underneath a different part of the bridge could be a bit challenging," says Le Blanc.

Le Blanc says construction equipment to build piers for the new Sakonnet River Bridge arrives Monday, so he expects a decision on the temporary channel by the end of the week.

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