Post Election, Clintons Visit Watch Hill

Nov 21, 2016

A bookstore employee seized the moment to take a picture with Hillary Clinton, which she later posted on Facebook.
Credit screen-grab

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and family were spotted in Rhode Island this weekend. The Clintons visited Westerly where they stopped into a local bookstore.

The cashier on duty wasn’t expecting a visit from one of the world’s most famous families. But the Clintons walked into the Savoy Bookshop and Café on Sunday. Savoy’s Annie Philbrick says they did some shopping.

“The whole family came in, Hillary and Bill, and Chelsea and her husband and their daughter, and bought a wide selection of adults’ books and kids’ books.”

It’s not known why the Clintons were in Rhode Island, but a source close to Democrats says they stayed at the Ocean House hotel in Watch Hill.

“We were thrilled that the Clintons made the stop at the Savoy bookshop and were supporting independent bookstores," said Philbrick. "It was wonderful.”

Philbrick says the family were gracious about taking pictures with the staff – who were surprised by the famous family’s unexpected visit. A bookstore employee described  the experience and posted a photo on social media. 

Even though she lost the election, Hillary Clinton won the Ocean State’s four electoral votes. 

Editor's note: a previous version of the article implied Rhode Island has two electoral votes. The state has four.