PPSD Wins $3 Million to Give Students “Life Skills”

Feb 19, 2014

Providence Public Schools have won a $3 million federal grant to help families better prepare students for school.

The grant, part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Investing in Innovation, or i-3, Fund, will be used to boost the district's efforts to involve more parents in their children’s life at school.

As part of the program, the district will offer a course called "Mind in the Making," which teaches parents and families how to give children some of the kills that experts believe are needed to succeed in school, such as self control and focus. The course is based on the work of author Ellen Galinksy, who writes that most students who reach their full potential in school have strong skills in managing their emotions and and behavior.

Providence school officials say the course will be offered in both English and Spanish for parents of elementary school students. They plan to provide the training to more than 2,500 families and more than 200 district teachers over the next four years.