Prairie Ave. health complex breaks ground

Providence, RI – It's been nearly 7 years in the making, but Providences community health centers is finally breaking ground on a new project that spans an entire city block.

Right now, the project on Prairie Avenue in South Providence doesn't look like much- gravel and pieces of bricks cover the giant lot surrounded by mill buildings. But Loretta Tharp with Providence Community Health Centers can already see the future.

She stands in the rain, pointing around the three and a half acre space. "This corner will be used for the health center, this is going to be an administrative building, this front corner here on Prairie Ave, that will be a pharmacy," she says.

The new health center will be more than four times the size of the building it's replacing. Tharp says the expanded space will take some much needed stress off the city's other health centers which are bursting at the seams.

She expects the buildings to open by spring of 2012.