Prayer banner still in storage

Feb 18, 2013

It’s been about a year since a controversial prayer banner was removed from the auditorium of Cranston West high school.   The removal was prompted by a federal court order, which found the banner infringed on the constitutional separation of church and state.  We wondered what ever happened to that banner and asked Flo Jonic to look into it.

Cranston West High School
Credit Elisabeth Harrison

The banner is stored in the basement of a Cranston elementary school and the  School Department has shown no interest in having it displayed elsewhere despite offers from interested parties.  In our quest to find out what happened to the banner we encountered a wall of silence.

The mayor’s office wouldn’t comment and referred us to the school committee.  School committee chairwoman Andrea Iannazzi emailed us saying “I have no comment on the banner at this time.”   Cranston school superintendent Judith Lundsten responded to several phone calls with an email saying  “The banner is in storage. When I have further information I will share it with you. There will be no further comment at this time. “

The banner, which was installed at Cranston West High School in 1960,  holds an important place in the hearts of some alumni who would like to see it displayed somewhere.

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