President drives past downtown protest

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Protesters and onlookers lined the streets of downtown Providence as President Obama's motorcade made its way to the convention center.

Scores of people chanted, "gay, straight, black, white, same struggle same fight," while beating drums and waving signs that said, "end the war now" and "stop torture."

They were there to protest the war and urge the president to act on gays in the military.

John St. Lawrence was there, his sign read "crimes are crimes"

"Crimes are crimes no matter who does them. We need to hold him accountable for what he's doing, here domestically in terms of civil liberties, and around the world," says St. Lawrence.

The president's motorcade snarled traffic on I-95 and around the convention center, leaving some drivers no choice but to get out of their cars and watch the action.

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