Pressure increases on Dan Gordon to resign

PROVIDENCE, RI – State Senator Christopher Ottiano of Portsmouth says there's a growing tide of sentiment that Representative Dan Gordon of Portsmouth should resign. In the past week, it has been revealed that Gordon has a long criminal and traffic infraction history and may have lied about serving in the first Iraq war.

Last week, state Representative Dan Gordon told reporters that messages of support are running 24 to 1 in favor of his staying in office. But state Senator Christopher Ottiano, who also represents Portsmouth, says he's hearing an opposite message.

"I see a pretty clear call from my constituents that he should probably step down," he says.

Ottiano is a physician. He says he's as concerned about Gordon's admitted alcohol problems as he is about his ability to serve.

"It sounds like he needs to get some help and that's probably the bigger, more important issue and then on top of that very clear statements from my constituents as I'm copied on e-mails," he says.

Gordon has so far defied calls for his resignation and says military records, which show he did not serve in Iraq as he claims, are incomplete.

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