Primary losers try again as write-ins

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Three Democratic state reps who blame organized labor for their primary day losses are now running as write-in candidates.

Representative Douglas Gablinske of Bristol, speaking Tuesday during a state house news conference, says pursuing a write-in campaign is the right thing.

"A write-in candidacy is difficult at best to win," Gablinske says, "but we believe that the general interest of the taxpayers in the general election could very well balance out the interest of a small minority that voted in the primary."

Joining Gablinske were Mary Ann Shallcross Smith of Lincoln, and Al Gemma of Warwick.

State Democratic Party chairman Ed Pacheco expressed his appreciation for the service of Gablinske, Shallcross Smith, and Gemma. But in a separate interview, Pacheco says the party will back the winners who beat the trio during the September 14 primary.

Two other Democrats who were targeted by labor, David Caprio of Narragansett and Michael Rice of Wakefield, are not joining the write-in effort.