Prof. Scoffs at Providence College Nixing Same-Sex Marriage Lecture

Sep 24, 2013

Providence College has cancelled a lecture by a Wayne State University philosophy professor who supports same sex marriage. The decision was founded on a belief that Catholic colleges should present both sides of a debate on controversial issues.

John Corvino, chair of the philosophy department at Wayne State University in Detroit, was supposed to speak Thursday at Providence College in support of same-sex marriage.  Scheduled to present the Catholic side of the debate was Providence College theology professor Dana Dillon. But Corvino said he was told last weekend that Dillon couldn’t be prepared in time.

“The provost in his announcement to the faculty about the cancellation said that he didn’t think that she had sufficient time to prepare,” said Corvino. “For a provost to declare one of his own faculty unprepared to speak is just an outrageous violation of scholarly autonomy.”

In a statement, Providence College said a Catholic college should not be in the business of inviting an outside lecturer to speak unchallenged about a central tenet of the Catholic faith.

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