ProJo backs Doherty; Clinton lends his name to Cicilline

Oct 28, 2012

The once firmly Republican editorial page of the Providence Journal is going in a different direction after backing a string of Democratic candidates, throwing its support to Brendan Doherty in the down-to-the-wire race with David Cicilline.

Doherty’s campaign, via a news release, offers this commentary:

The newspaper’s editorial praised Doherty for his integrity, character, his leadership as Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, and his years of charitable and civic involvement. The Journal said while it doesn’t always agree with Doherty or Cicilline on all issues, the newspaper believes that Doherty is a man of integrity who will be a “moderate” that can “work with Democrats to get things done.”

The Republican’s campaign pointed to these elements in the endorsement:

Mr. Doherty … has displayed consistent integrity.  He ably led the State Police and has participated over the years in a wide range of civic and charitable activities.  He is still learning the nuts and bolts of some issues and federal operations but has been diligent in educating himself about the duties of being a member of Congress …. On the basis of his background, temperament and character, we believe that Brendan Doherty would be a moderate, thoughtful and flexible congressman who can work with Democrats to get things done, in the tradition of the late U.S. Senator John Chafee.

Meanwhile, a robocall from former President Bill Clinton, backing Cicilline, greeted some CD1 voters in recent days.These moves come as both parties have thrown some last-minute financial help to their respective candidates.