Prosecuters say court opinion has no effect on corruption case

Providence, R.I. – Federal prosecutors say a new U.S. Supreme Court opinion on white-collar crime should not affect the corruption conviction of a former hospital executive.

A lawyer for Robert Urciuoli told a federal appeals court last week that the decision limiting the use of a federal statute that targets corruption and white-collar crime had ``significant bearing'' on his case. He asked for permission to file a new brief.

Urciuoli is the former president and chief executive of Roger Williams Medical Center. He was convicted of hiring a state senator, John Celona, to do the hospital's Statehouse bidding.

Prosecutors said in a court filing Monday with the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that Urciuoli bribed Celona. The Supreme Court said the statute could be used in cases involving bribery and kickbacks.