Providence Beats NYC & Boston for Best Pizza in New Ranking

Mar 14, 2013

The March issue of Travel + Leisure named Providence the second best city in America for pizza, just behind Chicago. Providence has its own specialty pie: the grilled pizza.

Restaurants across the city serve this smoky, thin-crust pizza, from the high-end establishments Al Forno and Bacaro, to smaller joints like Bob and Timmy’s Legendary Grilled Pizza. Bob and Timmy’s Manager Gretchen Lange says grilled pizza is less greasy, healthier, and requires careful attention to make without burning on the grill.

“When I think of Chicago Pizza, I think of their, like, deep-dish, but at the same time you can’t compare the two because they’re so different,” says Lange. “I definitely think it would be a possibility for the grilled pizza, though, to be number one.”

Cities ranking behind Providence for best pizza include New York City at number three, Philadelphia at number four and Boston at number five.

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